7 Productivity Hacks to Speed up your Hiring Process

Productivity Hacks to Speed up your Hiring Process

It is essential to have a smooth and efficient hiring process. This saves time, money, and resources. Therefore, we will look at productivity hacks that can aid hiring managers in speeding up the recruitment process.

Productivity Hacks to Speed up your Hiring Process

Mobile-friendly apps are possible is growing rapidly, and more people are using recruitment apps to apply for jobs. To improve their recruiting efficiency, hiring professionals must employ productivity hacks. These apps can be used to advertise job openings. They must ensure that the candidate can apply to the job posting quickly and easily. Candidates will likely need to complete lengthy, non-mobile-friendly applications.

Treat candidates like customers.

A recruiter must respond quickly to all applications. A candidate who doesn’t hear from a company within a short time frame will be moved on to another. In addition, candidates should be treated with respect and a culture that reflects their company’s values. An employee who has had a positive experience during the hiring process is likelier than others to recommend it.

Determining the job role

It is crucial to have a well-constructed candidate profile. To get the shape and skills of the ideal candidate, the recruiter should contact the hiring manager. Many candidates will not be interested in the job if given a short job description. This would increase the time it takes to hire. The following must be included in the job description:

  • What are the role and responsibilities are for employees
  • Minimum qualifications required for the candidate
  • Experience in the job
  • Description of the company, work-life

Clear job roles will reduce the number of applicants for the position. This will increase the quality of applicants.

Create an internal referral network

A company can set up an internal referral network to help current employees spread the word about job openings. This is an efficient way to fill the job quickly. In addition, referring to employees makes them feel valued and trustworthy. They also have the opportunity to make an impact on their company.

An employer can offer financial or other incentives to employees who refer to the job opening. In addition, employees familiar with the workplace environment are more inclined to recommend people who would be a good fit.

Use the Application Tracking System

A candidate tracking system makes it easier for candidates to track their applications. The system uses specific criteria such as skills, Experience, and training to simplify the screening and ranking of candidates. It also helps to improve the hiring process by keeping track of candidate information and communicating with each candidate.

Send a text message to the candidate.

86% of Gen Z millennials use text messaging as part of their interview process. If a recruiter cannot reach a candidate, they may send an SMS text. A candidate will respond faster to the SMS text. According to data from one of the most popular job portals, 67% respond to SMS messages within minutes. Mobile phones allow for faster and clearer communication between the candidate and the recruiter.

Create a talent pool

The talent pipeline is a collection of people willing to fill open positions. It can be used for future and current job openings. Proactive hiring saves time and money. In addition, the recruiter can look for candidates elsewhere if they have been prescreened and are up-to-date with their qualifications.

Should recruiters accelerate the hiring process?

Yes, recruiters should accelerate the hiring process. However, the quality of hiring decisions should be fine with the speed of the process. A well-organized hiring process places the right candidate quickly and efficiently for the job. This saves the company time, money and resources. In addition, it improves the quality and productivity of employees by reducing stress.

A company that hires well is a positive one. A smooth hiring process will make a candidate a positive ambassador for the company. They will refer the company to others and help them fill other positions. Candidates may move to other companies if they need help accessing mobile applications quickly enough or if it takes too long to get in touch with them. If that happens, the recruiter must start looking for a new candidate.


Technology advancements and the pandemic have drastically changed the industry of hiring. These changes force companies to adapt and grow to improve their hiring processes. A smooth hiring process allows talented candidates to be hired quickly and easily. It saves time, money, and resources.

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