Instagram is a free photo-sharing app and social networking platform purchased by Facebook in 2012. Instagram is a mobile app that allows users to edit and upload photographs and short videos. Users can add a caption to each post and utilize hashtags, and location-based geotags to index and search these posts within the app. Each post made by a user appears in the Instagram feeds of their followers and can also be viewed by the public when tagged with hashtags or geotags. Users can also make their profiles private, so only their followers can see their posts.

Like other social networking platforms, Instagram users can like, comment on, and save other people’s posts and send private messages to their friends using the Instagram Direct function. With a simple click, photos can be shared on one or more social media sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr.

It is a tool for people as well as businesses. The photo-sharing software allows businesses to create a free business account to advertise their brand and products. Businesses with business accounts have free access to engagement and impression metrics. According to it’s website, over 1 million advertisers use Instagram to tell their stories and drive business results worldwide. Furthermore, 60% of people think the app helps them find new products.


This app offers a variety of digital filters for users’ images, including ones that create an antique or faded effect. Lux is an effect that lightens shadows, darkens highlights, and boosts contrast, and photo-tuning tools allow users to modify brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, structure, straightness, and colour. Photos can also be enhanced with a customized tilt-shift and vignette effect.



It was introduced a feature in 2017 that allows users to upload numerous photographs or videos at once in a carousel format. In 2016, it released a Stories feature inspired by the famous Snapchat app that allows users to share experiences from their day that disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram Stories now supports augmented reality-based face filters and stickers, as well as the ability to add text, drawings, emojis, links, and geotags straight to photos and videos. Stories had 200 million active users in April 2017, surpassing Snapchat, its main competitor.

This app also includes several add-on apps. Boomerang, which generates unique GIFs; Hyperlapse, which creates time-lapse videos. And Layout, which creates visual collages with various photographs, is among these apps. When these applications are installed, they can be accessed directly from the app.


Instagram is accessible for iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices via the App Store and Android devices via Google Play. Once loaded, users will be requested to sign up for free. They will be allowed to enter their email address, generate a username and password, or log in using their Facebook account. New users can find people to follow by having the program search via their Facebook friends and contact list. It’s users can view photographs from accounts they follow in a fashion similar to Facebook’s newsfeed from the Home page, the initial screen that shows when the program is started.

Instagram Stories, shared by users you follow, appear at the top of the Home page in the style of circular profile photographs. Instagram Direct is accessible from the top right corner of the user’s home feed.

The Instagram app’s Explore page allows users to search for user accounts to follow or locate user photographs by searching hashtags or geotags. In addition, the Explore tab displays curated content and recommendations based on the user’s behavior, account-followed trending hashtags, and popular posts. The Activity page provides recent post involvement in the form of likes, comments, and recent activity from individuals the user is following.

The Profile page displays all of the user’s photo and video posts in one place and a brief bio. To publish a photo or video, go to the Camera tab and select either taking a photo or video from within the app or selecting one from the device’s library.



The emergence of an open forum for thoughts is the first reason to assume that Instagram is fairly important and favorably affects our society. We can amalgamate with the world that is oversaturated with text by sharing photos. In other words, some Instagram users have decided to act as social monitors, sharing the most interesting information with their followers. As a result, their visual messages attract the attention of a broad audience that is interested in seeing these images. As a result, Instagram is to blame for the rise of so-called social critics, who may also be described as social networking activists.

Our society benefits much from Instagram, and it is reasonable to say that being lazy does not necessarily have a negative connotation, especially when it comes to accessing chats with friends from all over the world and breaking news from all fields of interest.


What is the main objective of Instagram?

Instagram is a photo and video-sharing app accessible for free on iPhone and Android. People can use our service to post photographs and videos to share with their followers or friends. They can also browse, comment on, and like Instagram posts published by their pals.

What are the drawbacks of Instagram?

Purchasing followers will not result in focused traffic. People are also concerned that when they buy followers, they are purchasing bots. Finally, actual people can unfollow you after originally following you.

What makes people prefer Instagram?

Instagram provides its users with instant images for sharing information. You don’t have to sit through extended videos to get a glimpse into the life of your favorite star. People choose to share their lives and activities through Instagram postings now that microblogging has become widespread.


Instagram is one of the e-business start-ups that has surprised the world. Instagram allows users to snap and share photos on social networking sites. Many things have changed after its acquisition by Facebook that will impact its visibility. Its new privacy policies are unpleasant and may impact its popularity. Despite intense competition, Instagram is a sustainable start-up with a promising future.

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