How to hide likes on instagram?

How to hide likes on instagram?

Instagram introduced the option to hide like and view counts on all posts in users’ feeds to improve user experience. Users can concentrate on the content rather than its level of popularity in this way. So how to hide likes on instagram lets explore in this article.

On Instagram, there are a few techniques to conceal likes. When creating a post or later, you can choose to conceal the likes from view. You can also hide the likes from view when browsing other accounts.

Why would you want to hide Instagram likes?

A user’s mental health may suffer due to their social media likes. Whether we like it or not, social media affects our brains in measurable ways. So, especially if you’re an influencer, hiding the number of likes on your posts from your followers can help avoid that comparison. Turning off likes, even for a brand, might have advantages.

First, the number of likes you get is a vanity metric. When evaluating the overall effectiveness of your Instagram marketing activities, this factor is of relatively little significance. It means little more than that because, like we, the scroll has become a habit.

You should instead focus on Instagram analytics, like comments and shares.

How to hide Instagram likes?

Both likes on your own Instagram posts and likes on Instagram accounts you follow can be hidden: Let’s walk through each step of how to hide likes on Instagram.

How to hide likes from other People’s Instagram posts

You may easily do this in your settings if you want to conceal likes on other people’s Instagram photos from appearing in your feed. This can prevent you from comparing your account to other people’s or accounts belonging to competitors. Additionally, it will compel you to browse past the like counts.

To conceal likes on other people’s Instagram photos, follow these steps:

  • Tap Settings from your profile’s hamburger menu.
  • Tap Privacy under the Settings heading.
  • Tap Posts under the Privacy section.
  • Turn on the setting for Hide Like and View Counts.

How to hide likes when creating an Instagram post?

When users browse your content, you can hide the likes count from them. As you are writing a new post, you must do this.

  • Start the typical post-creation procedure.
  • Tap Advanced Settings at the bottom of the New Post page, the last page with the Share button in the upper right corner.
  • To enable Hide like and view counts for this Post, swipe the button to the right in the section under Like and view counts.

Before Publishing, How to hide likes?

How to hide the likes on your own Instagram posts. Unfortunately, you have to do this for each Post because there isn’t a feature that will automatically conceal all your Instagram likes. However, you can modify this before or after the Post is published. Create your upcoming Instagram post as normal. Tap Advanced Settings when you reach the area where you may enter your caption, tag products, or add a location.

To ensure that the likes on your Post are hidden, use the toggle option next to Hide like and view counts on this Post. This will also cover the number of views for videos you’ve added to your feed. However, Reels do not have this choice. You may make even more adjustments in Advanced Settings before publishing, such as adding alt text to your Instagram post for users of screen readers or even turning off commenting.

Home decor company attitude, which hides likes and views counts on nearly all of its Instagram pictures, illustrates what hiding Instagram likes would look like in practice:

After publishing how to hide likes?

You may toggle this off after sharing your content with your audience, so don’t worry if you publish your piece but then remember that you meant to hide the like count.

  • To access more settings and choices, go to the Post you wish to edit and tap the three-dot menu icon.
  • To ensure no one can see how many likes your Post has received, tap Hide like count.

How to disable likes on IOs’s Instagram

There are numerous justifications for hiding Instagram likes. A desire to try something new, pressure, worry, or privacy concerns. On iPhones running the most recent version of Instagram, all users can disable likes for particular posts on their profiles. They can also disable likes on posts from their followers. For step-by-step instructions on how to disable Instagram likes on an iPhone, read on: Before sharing a post, hide your Instagram likes.

It’s possible that you chose to share a post on Instagram without letting anyone know how many likes it received. You can do this by taking the actions listed below:

  • Post a comment as normal. Before sharing the Post, scroll to “Advanced Settings” on the “Share Screen” tab.
  • Activate the checkbox next to “Hide Like and View Counts on This Post.”
  • You can alter this setting anytime in the three-dot menu at the top of the Post.

After sharing a post, hide your Instagram likes

After sharing a post, it’s possible that you forget to turn off likes for it or want to turn off likes for some of your earlier posts. By adjusting the Post’s parameters, you can quickly modify this setting:

  • Go to the Post and click the three dots in the upper right corner of the Post.
  • Select “Hide Like Count” from the menu.

How to view your Instagram likes even if they are Hidden

Your likes will not be visible to anyone else or you in public, but you can keep track of them internally to monitor your development. Even though likes are a vanity metric, you can track them as your account expands to gauge your audience. Even if you’ve hidden them from view in your feed, there are two methods to view your Instagram likes.

Within the built-in Instagram Insights, you can first see your likes data. You may check your analytics if you have an Instagram Business Account by going to your profile and selecting the Insights button. You may check your Instagram Insights to see how many likes, comments, impressions, and reach the most recent content you’ve shared received.

Why should brands hide Instagram likes?

Because Instagram likes have such a significant impact, it seems to the platform that many users have been under pressure to publish content that will increase their online visibility. As a result, the platform has come under fire for fostering a toxic, deceptive, and heightened environment among its members.

Instagram discovered in an early trial that users who elected to hide Instagram likes felt less pressured and had more control over their behavior.

The software giant hopes that by doing away with likes, posting online will become less stressful and social comparison won’t be as necessary. But is that the only justification for hiding likes? Other justifications for hiding likes on Instagram include:

Increases The Quality Of The Content

Instagram users may think more creatively if they cannot see how many people have liked their posts. This is to get users to think more critically about the quality of the content, such as the photographs and captions, rather than just the quantity of likes. As a user, you may still see how many people like your postings. By combining this information with other data, you may learn what your followers enjoy seeing from you and what they don’t like.

Instagram expects that users would submit more high-quality content without fear of it being judged as unimpressive based on the number of hearts when, in reality, the opposite may be true. Even if you decide to hide likes on Instagram, they still count as a performance statistic for the Post. Even brand and influencer collaborations are affected by it.

Less Need for Social Validation

When your efforts are not sufficiently acknowledged or appreciated, it can be challenging to overcome imposter syndrome. You can think that you are not good enough to compete with such major businesses if you compare the likes on your Post to the likes on posts of big brands. On Instagram, hiding the number of likes can assist in lessening unpleasant emotions.

Helps to Remove Social Bias

People occasionally can’t help allowing social bias to color their judgments. They might even conclude that a brand’s account isn’t worth their time if it has less liked than others. Suppose you hide likes on Instagram in this situation. In that case, it will encourage users to view your content more critically by discouraging them from passing judgment on other accounts on the platform.

Not Affect Instagram’s Algorithm

The engagement percentages that Instagram’s algorithms use for all purposes are unchanged. When a post’s original publisher decides to hide the likes counter, only the “likes” counter leaves its original location at the bottom of the Post.

The heart emoji is still available for visitors to click, and the invisible counter continues to count likes similarly. The total amount of likes that the Post has earned is still visible to the Post’s author.

How are Instagram likes calculated?

Even if you decide to hide likes on Instagram, the Instagram algorithm is unaffected. Likes are still included in the data that Instagram collects. The number of likes on a user’s posts will still be visible; however, their followers won’t be able to view it. In this way, the quantity of likes on your Post continues to influence its metrics, such as engagement and the order in which it appears in your followers’ feeds.

As a result, having a platform that can assess and display the metrics that influence your post-performance on the platform is now more important than ever.

Diiferent measures of Instagram likes

Some users have been compelled to alter their routines when reviewing their Instagram performance because of the ability to hide likes on the platform.

Since likes may be easily manipulated, especially regarding the widespread practice of buying Instagram likes, they are not the only indicator of an account’s success. Thus, which engagement measures should be tracked and examined to assess their success? Here is a list of various Instagram metrics you may use to gauge the development of your account. Keep in mind that these indicators are important from the standpoint of the Instagram algorithm.

  • Number of Instagram Stories comments.
  • Number of remarks made on postings.
  • Number of times a profile link was clicked,
  • Views of the content.
  • Number of saved posts (this will directly represent how exciting and valuable the posts are for your audience).
  • Number of Instagram Stories links clicked.


On Instagram, is it possible to hide who sees your likes?

Only your approved followers can view your posts and any likes and comments if your account is private. Only approved followers can see your posts, but when you like a public post, your likes will be visible to everyone, and your username will be clickable underneath the Post.

Can I hide Instagram likes on a PC?

Instagram does its hardest to encourage the use of mobile applications. This implies that many functionalities, including the ability to turn off Instagram likes, are disabled for PCs. You can utilize the Instagram app for iOS or Android if disabling likes is crucial to you.

How do I view my previous Instagram likes?

To access your profile, tap or click on your image in the lower right. Select Your activity by tapping in the top right corner. Toggle between Interactions and Likes.


If you’re marketing your goods or services to a younger demographic, hiding likes can be the best option. Or, if you want to disregard those figures because likes are a vanity statistic. To determine whether people are responding to your postings, keep an eye on more important metrics like total engagement, comments and shares.

Instagram likes can be obtained by making continuous, ongoing efforts. For your Instagram growth, you do not need to focus on this metric specifically. The element of the system that is responsible for the rise in the engagement rate on this platform is Instagram likes.

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