How to get verified on Instagram?

How to get verified on Instagram?

By increasing your exposure on the network, having a verified Instagram account creates even more potential for your business to develop. However, not just anyone can receive the coveted blue check.

Everything you need to know about Instagram verification, including the advantages of having the blue checkmark and how to obtain it, is covered in this post. As a result, if you’re determined to enhance your Instagram game, continue reading to learn everything you need to know.

What is a verified badge on Instagram?

In Instagram’s words, getting verified on Instagram signifies that the social media site has acknowledged your profile as “the genuine presence of the public person, celebrity, or global brand it represents.”

Therefore, if you see an account with a blue check in its bio, it represents the brand or person in question, not a fake, unofficial, or fan account. Brands like Netflix display the verified blue mark from Instagram.

Instagram’s verification badges assist brands and creators in standing out, projecting a sense of authority, and avoiding impersonation. They also assist users in finding the appropriate profile while looking for their preferred brand or persona. However, you must fulfill certain requirements to be eligible for Instagram verification.

Who may get Instagram verification?

On Instagram, anyone can ask for a verified badge. However, regarding who receives verification, Instagram is infamously selective. How do you determine if you meet the requirements if you’re managing an account just on the verge of becoming “notable”? For example, just because you have a blue checkmark on Twitter or Facebook doesn’t mean you will also have one on Instagram.

This game states bluntly that only a select few prominent figures, celebrities, and corporations have verified badges on Instagram. “Only accounts with a high risk of being impersonated,” in other words. What is known about eligibility is listed below. The network’s Terms of Service and Community Guidelines must first be followed. Your account must also fulfill each of the following requirements:

Authentic: Does your account represent an actual person, a legitimate company, or a recognized brand? You cannot be a fan account or a meme page.

Unique: Except for profiles dedicated to a certain language, only one account can be verified per person or company on Instagram.

Public: Instagram private accounts are not eligible for verification.

Complete: Do you have a full bio, a photo for your profile, and at least one post?

Notable: The definition of a prominent name on this app is somewhat arbitrary, but it is “well-known” and “frequently searched for.”

It’s time to verify your Instagram account if you’re reasonably sure you satisfy these requirements or if you feel like taking a chance.

How to verify your Instagram account?

Instagram’s verification procedure is very straightforward:

  • Tap the hamburger button in the top-right corner of your Instagram profile to
  • Top right corner
  • Select Settings.
  • Click Account.
  • Select Request Verification.
  • Complete the application.
  • Your full name
  • Your working name or “known as” (if applicable)
  • Choose your category or industry (for instance, sports, news/media, business/brand/organization, bloggers/influencers, etc.).
  • A photo of your valid government ID must also be included. For people, that might be a passport or driver’s license. A utility bill, an official business document, or tax returns will do for firms.
  • Click Send.

After reviewing your application, this app claims that an answer will appear on your notifications page. Instagram makes it abundantly clear that they will never email you, beg for money from you, or otherwise get in touch with you due to scammers’ previous and ongoing problems.

You’ll get a straightforward yes or no within a few days or a week (others say it can take up to 30 days). No response or justification

Tips on how to get verified on Instagram?

We have some tips you may use to improve your chances of receiving the blue badge if you’re prepared to apply for Instagram verification.

Complete your profile

Examining your profile is one of the ways Instagram confirms your identity.

Add a compelling bio and profile picture that accurately portrays your company, brand, or self to ensure your profile is complete. You might, for instance, put your company’s emblem in the profile photo and include the tagline and website for your brand in the bio.

By ensuring your profile is thorough and real, you may gain credibility with your audience and attract more followers, engagement, and media attention.

Create social media profiles

Developing a large following on other media can make your Instagram account seem more authentic.

How can you increase your Instagram and other platform followers? Try the following advice:

Develop your personality by maintaining a recurrent voice and theme:

Many companies attempt to interact with their consumers in a shotgun fashion. But connecting with others is much simpler if you use your voice online.

Post regularly and reliably:

With any social network, your chances of convincing users to interact with your account increase as you become more active.

Create excellent content:

You should create interesting material for your other channels just like you would for Instagram to increase your following. Recognize what your followers want from you and meet their demands.

Keep ypur account active

Although it may seem obvious, if you don’t use Instagram frequently, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever have your account verified. Administrators will look for consistent Activity while deciding whether or not to verify your Instagram account. There is no advantage to starting the verification procedure if you are not utilizing the platform.

It also works the other way. What good is verification if you aren’t using Instagram frequently? The following will increase your likelihood of receiving the blue Instagram-verified badge:

Take lots of fantastic pictures:

Instagram is a visual platform. Because they understand how to appeal to their audience, influencers get followers. Find out what your fans like to see on your page, then take pictures of it.

Benefit from Insights:

Go to your Instagram business page and use the insights to create material that will appeal to your feed’s audience. Be sure to post when your followers are online the most. For more information about your social media followers and to modify your campaigns, use third-party solutions like Sprout Social.

Get your audience involved:

Don’t forget to spend time liking posts, reacting to comments, and researching pertinent hashtags. The key to any social site is engagement.

Take off any platform-specific links from your bio 

Instagram’s guidelines state that verified accounts cannot entice users to follow or add other social media profiles, such as Facebook or YouTube, in their bio.

You can still include links in your bio to your website, landing page, and other web pages. Consider using the Instagram link in your bio to promote other campaigns, user profiles, or websites.

To enhance your chances of getting verified on Instagram, avoid posting cross-platform connections that promote your other social sites.

In addition, make sure to include links to your Instagram profile on the website for your company, in promotional emails, and on all of your other social media pages.

Boost your searchability

Being well-known and frequently searched for is a prerequisite for Instagram verification. This indicates that you need to be more active on the PR front and work to build your brand naturally.

Optimizing your posts using branded hashtags is another thing you can do to get verified more quickly. Consequently, you may appear in natural searches and on Instagram’s Explore tab. You have a higher chance of getting verified if your profile is more searchable.

Customizing your posts

It’s essential to create and keep a genuine and distinctive Instagram account if you want to get verified. We advise you to personalize your posts to distinguish your account from impersonators.

You may, for instance, develop a distinct brand voice, visual aesthetic, feed theme, content strategy, or hashtag approach that is exclusive to your account and challenging (or impossible) to imitate.

Other methods to make your postings more distinctive? Give your audience a behind-the-scenes glimpse at your brand by sharing content! Who else would you have this kind of unique content? Alternatively, ask your followers to tag you in posts to raise brand recognition and interaction through UGC or branded hashtags.

Engage a publicist or PR firm to assist you

Consider working with a seasoned PR or digital agency that has access to Facebook’s Media Partner Support resources if you’d prefer to employ someone to assist you with the process.mThey can submit requests on your behalf to validate your account, claim usernames, and merge accounts through the industry-exclusive site they have access.

Remember that the method described here is a reliable source of help with the process, as opposed to “buy” or “bot” tools that provide you with phone likes, engagement, or verification in exchange for money. A digital agency can boost your chances even if there is no assurance that your IG verification will succeed.

Obtain genuine followers 

Avoid purchasing Instagram followers. Put your attention on the real, organic growth of your account. When someone buys followers, it’s simple to determine because their account will have a large number of followers but little engagement. These so-called “followers” don’t engage with your company because they are frequently bots or inactive accounts. Your posts won’t appear on the explore pages or in your audience’s feeds because of the low level of engagement.

Even if your follower count is irrelevant for verification, having a large and active following can be beneficial. Among the techniques for increasing Instagram followers are: Using the appropriate hashtags to expose your profile to relevant audiences. Mixing up your Instagram feed posts, Reels, and Stories

  • Running giveaways
  • The promotion of user-generated content
  • Creating a grid for your profile
  • Making stuff that can be shared

Your community on Instagram is more than simply several followers. Real followers will help you gain more attention to your website, sales, and influence in your niche, even if you aren’t verified.

Increase your engagement and followers

Becoming a real influencer is the key to becoming well-known online. This implies that you require a large following of followers. However, it’s more crucial that your followers interact with you and read your posts and status updates. Having followers is pointless if your only goal is to increase your numbers.

Identifying your specialization is a necessary step. While it might seem that striving to please everyone would raise your following count, doing so is unlikely to boost engagement. You need to establish your authority in your chosen field of study.

Make yourself more visible by using trending Hashtags 

Utilizing trending hashtags is one technique to ensure that more people see your messages. Both Twitter and Instagram recommend popular hashtags.

However, it’s crucial that you only employ hashtags that are pertinent to your industry. If you make posts unrelated to your followers’ interests or your niche to use a popular hashtag, you will never be taken seriously as an influencer.

Making a hashtag for your brand and asking your fans to use it frequently is a typical technique.

Post at Special time 

You want as many people to view your content as possible to promote the most engagement. When most of your followers check their social media accounts are, therefore, when you should publish. Yes, there will be more posts from other people during those times; however, if you can establish your influence, you should be able to stand out from lower-quality posters.

Remember that gaining a following on another network is the greatest way to get verified on Instagram. Therefore, you must adhere to the recommended principles for the first platform you choose to focus on.

Make your bio and profile atrractive

The prerequisites for Instagram’s verification program (a bio, a profile photo, and one post? really?) have a low standard. Not merely meeting it will do. You want to slam into it.

In addition to making a good impression on the verification team when they visit your profile, optimizing your Instagram bio can continue to pay off in the form of more conversions and new followers.

Avoid attempting to buy instagram verification badge

Instagram only accepts applications made through its app or Facebook’s media partners. Avoid attempting any shortcuts, such as paying your way in. In addition to being useless and expensive, trying to buy a verification badge can result in penalties for breaking Instagram’s community rules.

For instance, if you give inaccurate or misleading information during the procedure, the platform may completely delete your account. Instead, work to increase the number of actual Instagram followers by producing interesting and helpful material. Although there is no evidence to support a link between having a large following and Instagram verification, it doesn’t hurt to try.

Additionally, the more followers you have, the more likely people will notice and comment about you on reliable news or media outlets.

Adhering to the rules of Community 

You are probably already abiding by the community rules and checking this box for verification if your brand is consistent and you only upload your original safe material for public viewing. Instagram has provided a summary of the community guidelines to be more specific:

Instagram should remain an open and secure space for creativity and expression. Assist us in building this community. Always observe the law and only post your images and videos. Respect everyone on Instagram; refrain from spamming or posting offensive content. Whether you’re a major company or a regular person, Instagram may (and does) penalize accounts that don’t adhere to these fundamental rules.

How to proceed if you are not verified?

If you abide by the advice mentioned above, Instagram may reject your application. What follows, then? Attempt some of the following things:

Verify the verification requirements a second time

As easy as it may seem, it’s important to confirm that your submission meets the four criteria we discussed earlier: authentic, distinctive, complete, and significant.

Make sure you have the best legal documentation to demonstrate authenticity. Don’t forget to delete or remove any previous accounts you may have created. Compare how complete your profile is to those who have already had their identities verified.

Finally, look up your brand on Google. The problem can be that you don’t find any references to it on websites other than your own.

Wait and then reapply

Even if Instagram rejects your request for verification, everything is not lost. After 30 days, you may reapply. But wait—if you submit another application within 30 days, your request will be rejected.

Give yourself that month to consider how you may use the advice mentioned above to increase your chances rather than hoping to get authorized in the ensuing 30 days without making any adjustments.

Display authenticity in different ways

If you can still not obtain a blue check, there are alternative ways to demonstrate the reliability of your business.

To help establish your legitimacy as the true owner of your brand, Instagram advises linking your account to your official website, Facebook page, YouTube channel, or Twitter account. Making video material of you or your team in action behind-the-scenes is another approach to demonstrate your genuineness.

While showcasing your company’s daily operations is a wonderful method to build trust, it also complies with the guidelines for multi-format content to increase followers.

If you are unable to get verified, don’t worry

Achieving the Instagram verification badge—or any other social media badge, for that matter—is a significant accomplishment for your company. It demonstrates that people want to watch and interact with your account. Even with all the advantages, getting accepted might be difficult.

It’s important to get the fundamentals correct and develop your brand outside your small social circle. You can go closer to satisfying those standards by referring to the advice in this manual.

Despite this, you may still earn on Instagram by driving visitors to your e-commerce site, creating an Instagram shop, signing up as a brand affiliate, and more.

Verification badge loss

Of course, Instagram retains the power to remove any verification badges it issues. They expressly mention that they have the right to terminate your account or remove your badge if you: Promote, sell, or transfer your verified badge.

Promote other services using your profile photo, bio, or name section (so be careful with your influencer marketing in these places). Verify your account by using a third party, if possible. Therefore, if you acquire a verified badge, keep it as a prized possession and never do anything that could make Instagram decide to remove it.

Is it worth getting verified on Instagram?

Make sure you have a strong reason before you begin because Instagram verification requires a lot of thought and effort. Being verified, fortunately, has several advantages, from improved company credibility to a stronger social search presence.

With IG verification, you stand out from the crowd and have an easier time connecting with the people that mean the most to you. When used properly, it increases your conversion rates and gives you greater social media credibility. All you have to do is demonstrate your deservingness.


  • How many followers are required to become Instagram verified?

Even though you don’t need a certain number of followers to be Instagram verified, you’ll undoubtedly come across as more significant. Continue expanding your reach and gaining more engaged followers to boost your chances of receiving a blue checkmark next to your name.

  • How much does Instagram verification cost?

Instagram will never contact you to confirm your verification or demand payment. You’ll find out whether or not your account has been confirmed in Activity after we’ve reviewed your request, which might take up to 30 days.

  • How can a random person get Instagram verified?

Random individuals cannot simply request and receive the blue Instagram badge. You must frequently appear in news outlets, be highly sought-after, and be well-known to the general public. Being mentioned in sponsored or promotional content is not considered. Just one account should be asked for verification.


Getting verified on Instagram is the best way for businesses and social media creators to be validated. By ensuring that your profile is the only one representing your brand online, obtaining the “blue tick” not only confirms your authenticity but also provides you more control over your online presence.

It isn’t easy to become an Instagram-verified account, and not everyone can. But if you want to achieve this distinction, adhere to our instructions to effectively apply for and obtain the coveted Instagram verification badge.

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