Trying to establish your online brand or starting over on social media? You probably want to know how to increase your Instagram followers.Then you start thing about how to get more followers on instagram and no, we’re not talking about utilizing bots or buying followers. These techniques might increase your instagram followers count temporarily, but they won’t help you in the long run.

This is because only actual users interested in and interacting with your brand can be considered to be truly worthwhile Instagram followers. To find out how to increase your Instagram following organically, read our detailed tutorial.



Your bio provides information about you to potential followers, including who you are, what you do, and the desired outcome of their visit.

  • What should be in your Instagram bio?
  • A concise summary of your work
  • A few personality-driven touches
  • A call for action (shop, read more, contact us, etc.)
  • A link

The only clickable link you have on Instagram is in your in-bio, so make good use of it. Some companies provide a static link to their website, while others update it often to reflect new content. Use link-in-bio solutions like Start Page, which let you turn a single link into a collection of links if you want to simplify things for yourself.


Because they don’t want to see sales pitches, people don’t follow your company on social media. They support your brand because they like the material you produce and your personality. What suits one firm may not be appropriate for your branding, even in closely related industries.

What kind of tone do you want to use? Funny? Informative? Playful? Cynical? What you are enthusiastic about should also come over in your personality. Many of Such and Such Farm’s Instagram posts discuss their agricultural methods since they sustainably support farmed products. What subjects do you cover in your posts? Everything you post on your business account should reflect the values and personality of your company.

Consider your company account as a person. Create branding standards and a persona for the account to maintain consistency. Along with information on your brand’s colors and fonts, branding guidelines should also include notes on tone, style, and values.


A key trick for increasing your following is to optimize your posts for search. It has been demonstrated that Instagram SEO makes it simpler for new users to find your account.

Great Instagram captions hold viewers’ attention longer than beautiful photographs do. You can add more context or information about the image or video you’re sharing by using captions. Additionally, employing keywords in captions can make you more visible in app search results.

Up to 2,200 characters may be used in caption. Of course, not every caption must be written in the style of a blog post. Experiment with various lengths. Some pictures work well with a quick, snappy comment and a handful of emojis, while others may benefit from a more in-depth, thoughtful statement.

Therefore, captions are an essential element of your content – the cherry on top, if you will. Consistently excellent captions may work wonders for humanizing your business, gaining fans, and enhancing the shareability of your content, which can increase your exposure.


Your objective on Instagram should be to engage your current audience while gaining more followers regularly. The first criterion will be met by posting fresh, intriguing, and engaging images; however, hashtagging your images is crucial if you want to start growing. Using hashtags makes it simple for users to find your photos when looking for particular terms.

What hashtags should you thus use? Users on Instagram favor some hashtags over others, much like on Twitter and other social media platforms. Utilizing popular Instagram hashtags increases your chances of being found and reaching new users.

Find and use the most pertinent hashtags to properly tag your images. This entails conducting the necessary research to ensure that the hashtags you use accurately represent your business and are also commonly used on Instagram.

You can also copy hashtag ideas from rival accounts or comparable accounts with a following similar to your target audience. Still, in the end, you want to develop your hashtag groupings relevant to your particular account.


It’s standard practice to hashtag Instagram posts. Still, you should also utilize hashtags in your stories to increase the likelihood that people who follow that particular hashtag will see your content.

For a chance to be featured in a hashtag story, you can use hashtag stickers (which can be found in the Instagram Stickers option when creating a Story) or hashtag directly in your descriptions.Because users may now follow hashtags, your Instagram Stories may be seen by both those following that hashtag and others simply browsing it.


You should consider your posts’ time in addition to applying the best filters and the right hashtags to increase your Instagram following.

Use Instagram Insights first to ascertain the times that your audience is online. From your Instagram business profile, select “Insights,” then go to “Your Audience” and select “See All.” To identify the periods when your audience is most active, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Additionally, think about the times when your information will be most pertinent. A coffee shop post, for instance, would perform well at 2 p.m. when consumers have an afternoon slump. Try publishing at various times and monitor engagement.



Consistency is key while trying to develop your Instagram following. We advise publishing at least once every day. Brands with a consistent posting schedule on Instagram typically see the best outcomes. A Tailwind study found that everyday Instagram posters gain followers more quickly than less active users.

To get your posts seen, consistency is essential. Instagram’s algorithm will probably place your posts near the top of your followers’ feeds if they receive a lot of regular sharing and engagement.

Naturally, quality is always preferred above quantity. Higher engagement rates do not always result from frequent posting. Concentrate on producing material that will appeal to your intended audience.


Pages that curate the greatest content in a certain category are known as feature accounts on Instagram. They are comparable to an industry’s “best of” photo journals. Many people follow some feature accounts. If you are featured on the account, new Instagram followers may follow you.

Every specialized area has feature accounts, including travel, fashion, photography, and more.


It can take some time to expand your audience entirely independently. Fortunately, collaborating with influencers and companies can increase the visibility of your account. When working with influencers or brands, you can cite each other’s accounts in the content or caption. The collaboration capabilities on Instagram also let you highlight both accounts as producers.

You might earn a few followers if an influential account talks about you or features your products. But if there’s something in it for them, they’ll likely support you more swiftly. Giveaways can be very useful for expanding your following, especially if you co-host them with brands that cater to similar demographics.


The first step in organically reaching new audiences is producing shareable content. It only takes one viral post to reach thousands of people, and tried-and-true styles include motivational quotations, educational carousel articles, and trendy memes.

Memes, in particular, are fantastic at spreading virally, especially when they capitalize on a current cultural trend. They often combine text and imagery and are frequently amusing or creative (a photo, GIF, or video). It is more probable that your meme will be widely shared and grow your Instagram following the more it resonates with people in your neighbourhood.


A powerful strategy for growing your Instagram following is to host freebies. You’ll have a wider audience if you run contests on your website and give people a choice to follow you on Instagram and other social media.

Post your freebie in particular Facebook groups if your following is tiny. Having your campaign included on giveaway blogs may also help spread the news. Most people agreed to it in exchange for the free stuff. However, some did request recompense. They would publish a product review with images and details about their experiences using it.

Ultimately, we would agree to send that customer the goods in exchange for their audience entering to win it. As a result? New followers in the hundreds across all of our social media channels. This is a terrific technique to gain more Instagram followers if you don’t already have an audience. However, it might not be as focused as if you were to run a contest on a site in a related area.

Giveaways can help you gain more Instagram followers if you’re just getting started. Giveaways won’t always help you get more sales if your goal is to make sales. However, this approach might be very effective if your primary goal is quickly gaining Instagram followers.


Make it simple for people to find you on Instagram if you want to gain followers for nothing. You want people to be able to find your Instagram profile. Inform your fans about your Instagram account on another social media platform if you’ve already amassed a following.

Please share a link to your Instagram profile and encourage your current social media fans to visit it. Before publishing your newly created Instagram account elsewhere, publish some material. Aim for at least 12 postings. You might also feature a few of the greatest Instagram posts on your other social media platforms.



1. Follow related accounts

Only include people in an Instagram post when the content is specifically pertinent to them. But you are free to follow anyone you choose. Additionally, if you follow someone on Instagram, there’s a significant possibility they’ll visit your feed and think about following you back.

Finding related accounts to follow is also made easy by using Instagram’s “Suggestions for You” section. These recommendations appear on the right side of the screen on computers, between posts in your Instagram feed, and between Stories.

Just keep in mind not to follow too many accounts too quickly. Credibility depends on your follower ratio or the proportion of people you follow to those who follow you.

Additionally, please avoid following somebody to catch their attention and then unfollowing them once they follow you back. Your Instagram reputation will suffer from this kind of abrupt action.

2. Engage the community that already exists

Like other social media platforms, Instagram is about the communities created there. Therefore, be sure to engage in those locations. Participate by sharing, liking, and commenting on posts from reliable community members. Avoid comments that sound like they were automated, such as “Awesome post!”

Engaging with other posts has two benefits for attracting attention (and possibly new followers): They receive alerts when you like and comment on other people’s posts. They might look at your profile in return. If other people find your remarks interesting or thoughtful, they could look at your profile.

3. Try collaborating on Instagram Live

Instagram is a terrific location to capitalize on the growing popularity of live video. A live video particularly captures attention since users are alerted when an account they follow begins broadcasting live.

Use the “Go live with a buddy” option to co-host a live video with someone else in your field to expose your Live video to a new audience. Invite yourself as a guest after asking the other person to present a Live video. The two of you will be introduced to their whole fan base in a split-screen appearance.

Live video is the secret to implementing a successful marketing strategy on any social media platform. Utilizing Instagram Live, you can interact with your followers in real time while streaming videos to them.

When your brand starts a live video stream, a ring surrounds your profile image in Instagram Stories to alert followers that they can watch it. When you begin a live video, your followers also get a notification. When your broadcast is complete, you can submit it to your Story for 24 hours.


Users can connect with Instagram Stories through various interactive features, including chat, poll, and question stickers. These stickers offer your audience a quick, low-risk way to interact with your material.

Users can immediately engage if they find your Story through a hashtag or location page. Giving you a follow is a terrific way to pique their interest in finding out more about your company.


The option to pin up to three comments per post on Instagram is a little-known tool. There are a few ways you may take advantage of this function as part of your strategy to increase your Instagram follower count.

If your caption needs more space than 2,200 characters, you can use pinned comments to continue the Story. This enables you to engage in more intricate storytelling, which may be appropriate for some accounts.

Pin the comments you like best from other users, especially if they generate a lot of interaction. You can better control the discussion on your posts and increase opportunities for involvement with this feature.


Engaging with other accounts can help you catch more users’ attention, increasing your audience’s size. Make a list of important accounts in your niche, including influencers and other brands, to leverage engagement to get followers. So that you may readily access the content from their feeds, add them to your list of Close Friends.

View your Close Friends’ feed after that, and make an effort to interact with the information they publish. Comment on posts in a meaningful way to engage other followers, foster genuine connections, and grow your following.


Instagram analytics can provide you with information about your following, but there are a lot of free apps available that can provide you with more useful data.

You may gain knowledge that will influence how you gain more Instagram followers by looking at things like engagement rate, new followers, Instagram unfollows, and inactive accounts.

The top Instagram analytics solutions available right now are as follows:

  • Social sprout
  • Icon square
  • Keyhole 
  • Cur alate 
  • Social bakers

These Instagram analytics tools offer reliable and insightful data that can improve your understanding of your audience.

Additionally, they can draw attention to the appropriate content you can utilize to grow your Instagram following.


Even though this optimized posting to your account is fantastic, influencer marketing can help you reach a larger audience and grow your Instagram following.

You must compile a list of influential accounts in your niche before beginning. For instance, if you offer cosmetics, you should look for prominent profiles from cosmetics bloggers. If not, you’ll need to locate the accounts you might already be following. A few things to check for in the profile results include the following:

  • Huge audience, typically between 20,000 and 200,000
  • A profile’s email address

If a profile contains an email address, it typically indicates that the account is available for sponsored posts or shoutouts in sponsored Stories. You should write them to inquire about the cost of sponsored posts. I’ve discovered that the typical rate ranges from $20 to $50 per post, depending on the audience size.

The engagement and response are typically higher when the image appears more authentic and less like an advertisement. To gain more followers on Instagram, you don’t necessarily need influencers with a sizable following but rather those with a high engagement rate.


Don’t want to spend a fortune hiring a famous influencer to promote your business? Works with brand ambassadors with a following of between a few hundred and a few thousand. Ambassadors are those that sincerely believe in your business, support it, and will spread the word to others.


You only have a limited time to persuade a visitor to your business profile to follow you. Utilizing your profile’s Highlights feature to arrange your Instagram Stories in a way that conveys the purpose of your account is one approach to achieving this.

Highlights can be used to extend the life of Stories, which have a 24-hour lifespan and persuade others to follow you so they won’t miss out on future Stories. Increase your Instagram following by using Story Highlights:

  • Creating teaser trailers for your account’s content
  • Creating themes for your Stories (such as the places you’ve travelled to for travel accounts)
  • Describing your goods using images and videos


Short-form videos have evolved into one of the most powerful content formats on social media since TikTok entered the social media sphere.

Because of this, it’s crucial to embrace popular content formats. After TikTok, Instagram introduced IG Reels, a fantastic option for sharing humorous, relatable content.

Use Instagram’s new tools, like IG Reels, without hesitation because they can help you grow your Instagram following.


You may reach a new audience by making your filters, stickers, or badges to use when promoting a new feature or product. To spice up your Instagram Stories, you can learn how to make your filter or sticker.

Utilizing them on highly shareable pieces that followers want to add to their own Stories is the most effective method. In this approach, you may connect with their audiences and have your users advertise your page on their behalf.


Organic Instagram growth can take a long time to achieve. There is a good approach to expedite the process if you need to create an audience quickly. You can run Instagram advertising to increase your following more quickly.

Advertise your Instagram account to gain more followers. Post an organic article that you want to market with a bought campaign first. Open the post in the Instagram app once it has been published, then touch the Boost Post icon.

Select Profile Visits as the objective. You can choose to let Instagram target those who are similar to your followers in terms of audience. Alternatively, you can create your audience using Instagram’s targeting options for interests and demographics.

Next, decide on a marketing budget and length. Preview your campaign in the feed, Stories, and Explore before you launch it. Instagram automatically adds a Visit Instagram Profile call-to-action button to direct users to your profile and entice them to follow. You can start anticipating gaining more followers as the advertisement starts to run.


Finding and connecting with the audiences of your closest competitors’ Instagram accounts is one of the finest strategies to grow your following. By following your competitors, these folks have already expressed some interest in the things you carry.

So how do you successfully gain followers from your rivals? by talking to them? You may interact with Instagram users in various ways, and the more effort you put into it, the more followers and frequent interactions you’ll gain.

On Instagram, there are three different ways to interact:

  • Track, a user
  • Like a picture
  • Comments on a picture

Use a few emojis to give your content some personality by using them.


Growing your account is another well-liked strategy for boosting your Instagram following—basically, make yourself the influencer. Utilizing your personal and business accounts can boost revenue, follower numbers, and brand recognition.


Instagram guides are a brand-new way to engage with and inform your followers. Users can more easily ingest helpful advice and suggestions thanks to the content format. You can collect videos and photographs you’ve shared on your feed and add an introduction, title, text, and headers to an IG Guide.

A guide you can write is about:

  • Review a city, a sporting event, an unusual site, etc.
  • Give advice on the items you have available in your Instagram shop.
  • Create a post by curating a thread of your previous posts and adding headlines and remarks.

Click the + sign in the top right corner of your Instagram profile, select Guide, and tap the appropriate choice to begin.


If you can post a few excellent Guides, people will be naturally inclined to share them with their social network, as Instagram users can share them in DMs and across Stories.

Additionally, because Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes posts with high engagement, if many users share your tutorial, it can even show up in more users’ feeds. As a result, writing an Instagram guide may help you attract many new followers.


Though tempting, resist the urge. When I see someone with 7,450 followers but 7,500 individuals they follow, it usually means their content isn’t very good. They are just attempting to increase their follower count by clicking on every follow button they can find. It does take time and persistence to develop an interested audience. Following people to get them to follow you back won’t get you the results you’re looking for if you have a social media plan for your B2B brand.


Have you ever wondered how those with a quick Instagram following vary from others? They join participation groups. While it may be alluring to join the largest Instagram engagement groups, the truth is that by sticking to your expertise, you’ll receive a more focused list of Instagram followers.

This strategy works well for business owners who are just learning how to gain Instagram followers. Engaging groups to increase Instagram following For example, there are engagement groups for fashion, beauty, and travel. You can gain followers and likes from people who share your interests in these communities.

However, if you’re sincere about grabbing their attention, you should also pay it forward by following fan sites for new group members. Even though it may not result in instant sales, it helps you establish credibility early on so that your Instagram page doesn’t indicate that you only have a small number of followers. For your first few weeks on Instagram, remember that this is more of a short-term plan than a long-term approach to gaining consistent followers.


Your Instagram analytics tools will provide information on each post’s impressions and reach, engagement, top posts, and other metrics. Additionally, you can discover demographic details about your followers, such as their region, age, and gender.

You can find places where you can modify your plan to assist you in gaining more Instagram followers by periodically evaluating this data.


Last but not least, you witness an increase in audience size when you make your Instagram followers pleased. Put the advice we’ve provided you for content planning and brainstorming into action in a way that feels true to your brand voice. Avoid coming across as desperate, opportunistic, or robotic.

For many accounts, this entails throwing in posts genuinely intended to make followers smile and foster business partnerships. Don’t forget to share stuff with your followers on your feed as if they were your friends. This could involve posting memes, motivational content, or simply resharing eye-catching images or artwork that can cheer up your followers during the day.


Briefly, no. In no case should you purchase Instagram followers? As a result, you should refrain from using programs that enable you to pay a specific sum to buy a certain number of followers. The same goes for paying for a service (or a bot) that follows and unfollows accounts on your behalf based on the characteristics of your target market.

Theoretically, buying likes might help you quickly grow your following. However, there are numerous drawbacks to purchasing followers. Here are only a few reasons to refrain from doing this.

1. Instagram does not permit it

The most significant violation of the Instagram Community Guidelines is the purchase of followers. Spam is not allowed on the network, including “artificially collecting likes, followers, or shares.” Don’t “give money… in exchange for likes, followers, comments, or other interaction,” advises Instagram.

Instagram may disable or remove your account if it finds out you bought followers. Other limitations might also apply, which would all be detrimental to your investment and your ability to use Instagram as a marketing tool.

2. Your Engagement Rates Won’t Appear Very Good

The problem with buying followers is that the accounts aren’t managed by people who genuinely care about your company. So even though they might fictitiously increase your audience size, they won’t interact with your material. As a result, your engagement rate won’t match the size of your account.

Investors, influencers, or other companies in your niche aren’t going to partner with you just because of the size of your account. Most evaluate, among other things, audience quality and engagement rates. It is simple to tell when an account has false followers because of abnormally low engagement rates.

3. Real Fans Will Support Your Business, Not Fake Followers

Most of the time, merely having a large Instagram following won’t help you accomplish your objectives. Instead, you want followers who will use your sales funnel to make purchases from you and stick around as devoted clients.

You cannot achieve any of these objectives using fake followers. In other words, purchasing followers will cost you money without allowing you to expand your clientele or make money.


How can I access Instagram’s algorithm?

  • Respect the rules of the community.
  • Use Reels in inventive ways.
  • Time your posts to go live at key moments for the greatest impact.
  • Answer DMs and comments.
  • Use the appropriate hashtags.
  • Post consistently.
  • Review analytics

How many photos should you upload each day on Instagram?

With Instagram, consistency is essential. According to data, firms that use Instagram for marketing have the best results when they post two to ten times per day. How much you have to say and who your audience is should determine how many posts you make.

Does timing affect Instagram posts?

Wednesdays at 11 a.m. are the most popular time to post on Instagram. We discovered that midweek and during working hours, Instagram users are most inclined to interact with the material. That makes sense; it’s the ideal opportunity to take a break from work or school and scroll.


The hardest thing to figure out at first is how to gain followers on Instagram. Don’t forget to update your profile, especially the Instagram bio, routinely. The best way to use Instagram is to increase your following, but it’s not always about the quantity. As with any social network, the most effective content strategy is to be genuine and social.

Instagram can be a terrific place to showcase your items and brand and may generate a steady income for your e-commerce business if you emphasize engagement rather than just the quantity of followers.

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