Are you attempting to delete your Instagram account but cannot locate where it is hidden? Not to worry. I’ll explain how in this manual. Remember that deleting your Account will permanently wipe your Profile, photographs, videos, comments, likes, and follows. Instead, you can decide to deactivate your Account. However, that is not the topic at hand. This is how to delete Instagram account permanently?


It’s a good idea to back up your Instagram data before acting out of rage or attempting to erase your Account. You might have valuable images, interactions, and pals, but you can’t add them back afterward. Instagram will remove your Account and everything in it, including your images, likes, comments, and friends, when you decide to delete it. Follow these steps to save your account information:

  • Tap the profile symbol in the bottom right corner of Instagram after opening it.
  • In the upper right corner, hit the hamburger menu (Menu), then select Settings from the list that appears.
  • After choosing Security, choose Download Data.
  • On the Request Download screen, type your email address.

Instagram will send a complete file of your Profile to the email address you supplied through email within 48 hours. Your images, comments, profile details, and everything else you might need access to in the future are all included in the email. Even if you believe you won’t ever need this information again, taking this step will ensure that your information is safe if you ever need to view it. If you don’t do this, your data will be completely lost, and no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to recover it.

how to delete Instagram account


Many store files and back up essential data using a cloud storage service. If you utilize one of these storage services, pick one that encrypts your files automatically. The cloud provider may be able to access your data and even share it with government authorities upon their request, though, as they retain the key to your encryption.

You can get around this issue by manually encrypting your data before sending them to the cloud. The only person who will possess the key to your data will be you. Your cloud provider won’t have access if you don’t also upload the encryption keys to the cloud.

Even if you’ve never manually encrypted data before, various user-friendly, free encryption applications are available.

Select encryption software that works with the operating systems on your computer, mobile device, and cloud storage provider. End-to-end encryption and password storage should both be features of your encryption tool.


Instead of deleting your Instagram account, disable it if you want to take a break from it or don’t want to make a snap choice. You log out and conceal your Profile when you disable it. For the sake of your fans, you might as well have erased the Account. But with this approach, you can always log back in and restore your Profile if it has been temporarily disabled. To deactivate your Account, take these actions:

  • Visit Instagram.com using any browser and device (you cannot do this from the app).
  • If asked to log in, do so.
  • The profile icon is located in the top right corner. Click or tap it.
  • Select Edit Profile after clicking or tapping Profile.
  • Down the page, tap Please disable my Account for the time being to the right of the submit button.
  • People ask you why you’re acting in this way. From the drop-down menu, choose a choice.
  • Retype the password for your Account.
  • Temporarily Disable the Account by clicking or tapping.


 Suppose you can’t recall your login information. Sadly, neither Instagram nor any other third-party service can remove or disable an account for you without you first log in. The procedures listed below can help you access your Account if you cannot recall, locate, or think you changed your password.

  • On an iPhone or an Android device, access Instagram without a username or password
  • Activate the Instagram app.
  • Tap The Login button offers assistance with login.
  • The screen for finding your account displays. Tap Next after entering your username, email, or phone number. Another option is to Log in with Facebook.
  • Select Send an email, send an SMS, or Log in with Facebook on the new screen.
  • Next, enter the verification code that was emailed to you.
  • You should be on your Instagram account if everything went according to plan with the previous steps.
  • Depending on how thoroughly the hacker altered your recovery information, you might not be able to employ any of these techniques if you believe you were hacked.
  • Open the app.
  • Tap Visit the login fields for assistance.
  • Choose the field where you can type your username.
  • Click on Need more help?

To contact Instagram, proceed as directed from this point. They’ll probably ask you for details about the Account, like old passwords you may have used or information about how to regain your Account.


You can delete your Instagram account once you’ve stored your Instagram data. Users can choose between two choices. The first alternative involves completely deleting your Instagram account and all its related content. The second is a short-term solution.

Only a browser can permanently delete your Instagram account, although you can do so on desktop and mobile browsers. Instagram temporarily hides your Account for 30 days before it disappears forever. Therefore, if you later change your mind, you can reinstate it. Here’s how to delete your Instagram account for good:

  • Open your browser and navigate to the special Delete Your Account page while logged in.
  • A drop-down menu will appear; choose a deletion reason.
  • To confirm your choice, hit or click the Delete button.
how to delete instagram account


Until recently, only a web browser could erase an Instagram account. The iPhone app now also allows you to do it, though.

  • The bottom-right corner of the Instagram app should have your profile image.
  • Toggle to Settings by tapping the three stacked lines in the top right.
  • At the bottom of the page, tap Delete account after selecting Account.

You can decide whether to disable your account or completely remove it. Remember that deactivating your Account will only make your Profile inaccessible to you until you log back in, whereas deleting it would permanently delete all of your photographs, videos, and comments.

A new page will open after you select one option and ask why you wish to remove or disable your Account. Complete the form, then confirm your selection. Your Account will either be disabled or terminated.

If you decide to delete your Account, you have 30 days to log back in and restore all of your data to “undelete” your Account. You could log back in whenever you wish to re-enable it if you disabled it.


If you fulfill the procedures for deletion stated above, your Instagram account will be erased 30 days after the request and will no longer be available to anyone. The deletion of all backup data, however, can take up to 90 days.

The time it takes for Instagram to delete inactive accounts or accounts flagged as spam or bots is a less-known question. Through their system, Instagram occasionally deletes inactive accounts and bot accounts. Except for Instagram, nobody knows how frequently this occurs or the criteria for deletion.


Therefore, after completely deleting your Account, there is no way to get it back. However, a workaround technique is favoured by many users, as detailed below.

In conclusion, you must notify Instagram that your Account has been hacked, precisely as we have done above. This is the procedure.

  • First, enter your username or email address and select the Get help signing in option on Instagram.
  • Choose Having trouble logging in from here.
  • Choose the type of Account you want to recover by following the on-screen instructions. To continue, my Account was compromised.
  • Choose to hear more about your experience after that.

After submitting the forms, Instagram will contact you through email shortly. For this to function, you will eventually need to offer proof, such as photos you’ve uploaded to that Account, your username, email address, and a verification code.


Can an Instagram account be completely deleted?

From the account deletion page, you can permanently remove your Instagram account. You can also temporarily delete your Instagram account if you anticipate needing to retrieve it. You must use a web browser, not the Instagram app, to delete or deactivate your Account.

If you have multiple Instagram accounts, can you remove one of them?

Here’s how to uninstall the Instagram app and delete a specific account. Tap the hamburger button in your Profile, followed by Settings and Multi-Account Login. When a pop-up box appears, deselect the Account you want to delete before tapping Remove.

How long does Instagram keep my info if I remove my Account?

Since it can take up to 90 days for Instagram to entirely delete your Account, Instagram may still be holding some of your Account’s data on its servers. According to its Data Policy, Instagram may preserve information about your Account for longer than 90 days. The data the business may keep is required by law or relates to a breach of its terms of service.


Of course, there will come a point when you may want to disconnect from your social media accounts permanently. People are deleting their social media accounts more frequently than ever before to live a life that is less focused on online culture. Whether you want to live a better life or use your phone less, removing your social media accounts may help protect your future employment opportunities.

Although permanently deleting your Instagram account may seem like a big step, it’s simple to do if you’re ready to get rid of your Profile and reclaim some of your free time.

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